Fill Your Home With The Spirit Of The American West.

Some of the most unique and striking pieces of artwork from my personal collection are now available for purchase — a rare opportunity for you to capture the spirit and beauty of the American West for yourself.

Original Oils by Western Artist Paul Jones.


SOLD – “Trouble Brewing” – SOLD

Jones is a renowned artist who calls his work “a celebration in oils of the peoples and places who continue to embody the American West”. Having ridden many seasons in Yellowstone with cowboy ‘Bullwhip Bob’ and in the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and Arizona, Jones says, “I have spent countless hours and days intensely studying thousands of oils available throughout the west… but it’s the Cowboys, Indians, horses and the vast landscapes that hold me the longest. What ‘kid’ doesn’t want to play Cowboys and Indians?”


Jones has also had the pleasure of making personal portraits of many people of note, including presidents, prime ministers and celebrities. And his work has been featured in National Geographic, Midwest Living, along with other publications.

SOLD – “Buffalo Walking” – SOLD


Red Cloud’s War Shirt


This replica of Red Cloud’s war shirt is offered at $99,000

The original war shirt, worn by Red Cloud during one of his 1870’s trips to meet with the “Great White Father” in Washington, D.C. is considered sacred. Each element of the shirt has a specific meaning to the Lakota intended to impart “sacred powers” to the “Wicasa Itancan” (leader of men). It is now on display at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Wyoming.

Red Cloud.WearingShirt 001[2965]

What you see here is one of only six replicas in existence!

This replica is hand-made, exactly as the original, using ONLY authentic materials and ancient techniques. For example, its leather is “brain-tanned” and smoked for softness, and colored with dyes from plants and animals by members of the Lakota women’s societies. Over 200 sections of hair were donated by Lakota tribal members of Pine Ridge – each bound with a porcupine quill, wrapped in leather originally intended as “warrior spirits” to protect Red Cloud on his journey.


In total, the production of each replica required a team of Native Americans – each with different specialties – who ultimately contributed more than 1,000 hours to the effort.

The making of each replica was overseen by Larry Belitz, one of the world’s leading historians on Native American handicrafts. He has served museums in understanding Lakota spirituality, and he provided historic items for numerous documentaries. He also served as Technical and Historical Adviser on ten major motion pictures involving Native American culture.

In preparation for the creation of the replicas, he was given exclusive access to the real shirt in the Cody museum. He was allowed to photograph and study every detail – something never been allowed before or since.

Only six replicas of the shirt exist in the world, and because of the complexity involved, there will be no more.

Limited Edition Signed Archival Photographs

Red Cloud Shirt

“Gallery wrapped prints from $1,295 or framed prints from $2,295

Own a large, high quality, limited edition print of Red Cloud’s shirt by award-winning photographer Robert Dawson. Each one is signed by Larry Belitz, an adopted member of the Red Cloud family who oversaw production of the replica shirts. The prints are available in image sizes of 30″x42″, 40″x56″ or 51″x72″.

For more information, call 605-209-5219 or visit https://www.redcloudwarshirt.com/.

Jim Farmer

Trail Boss