The Rim at Red Canyon offers some of the most spectacular views in all of the Black Hills. The land features the area’s most scenic and historic canyon which meanders through pristine pine and cedar forest. The lifestyle is ideal for horse owners, hikers, star-gazers and nature lovers alike.


Best For: Spectacular views overlooking historic Red Canyon, room to roam with miles of trails, short drive to most Black Hills attractions


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    • Acreage: Access to more than 7,000 acres of private preserve and national forest
    • Building Envelope: 10-40 acres
    • Amenities: None
    • Utilities: Underground electric, fiber-optic (voice/data)
    • HOA: None
    • CC&Rs: By Red Canyon Company to preserve the land, tranquility and architectural aesthetics

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A Rare Opportunity To Own Some Of The World’s Most Amazing Views!

One of the Black Hills most spectacular properties is located in the Rim at Red Canyon. Featured on the Travel Channel’s Amazing Vacation Homes, this log cabin is perched on the edge of South Dakota’s most scenic canyon still echoing with the footsteps of Native Americans, Coronado, European settlers, Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Each day presents and opportunity to be greeted by wildlife – the trumpet of an elk, the musical serenades of songbirds and the howls of coyotes. And it’s the only place in the Hills where a motorcycle can’t be heard!


And since it’s part of the Black Hills’ newest Wilderness Preservation Community™ association you’ll have access to thousands of acres of national forest. In addition, the community has a well-established rental history – generating enough income to cover all expenses while still providing more than 20 weeks of personal use each year.